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Shrinking FIND Text Field


on macOS — when the sublime window is narrower than 85 characters — the FIND edit field is shrunk to only 1 character wide — i need to make the sublime text window at least 102 characters wide in order to have a FIND edit field that will enable viewing at least 10 characters in it — this is the case even while the the ‘Find’, ‘Find Prev’ and ‘Find All’ buttons retain their full width, and the .* and Aa and “” and wrap icons retain their full width.

this seems absolutely backwards to me — the most important thing, your FIND query itself is shrunk to 1 character, while the window decorations and icons consume all available window width in the find bar — this is crazy — since find functionality is a high frequency issue — and the FIND TEXT is the most important thing — not the extra little buttons and window decoration.

Improvement here is simple:

  1. FIND EDIT FIELD SHOULD NOT SHRINK — shrink the icons, shrink the buttons, but do not shrink the edit field where you are typing the FIND query.

  2. the order of the FIND toolbar is currently: 6 Icons, 1 Shrinking Edit Field, 3 Buttons

ordering should be: 1 Non-shrinking Edit Field, 3 Buttons, 6 Icons (ideally merged into a tiny popup menu).

is there any way to fix this bad FIND edit field behaviour?

john p



Using a state of the art FullHD/4k screen?

Jokes besides: At any point there’s always not enough room to display all information.

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