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Show Full Path v4


I have build 4113 and I have the property " show_full_path = true" and I was expecting to see the full path of the current file in the Window title or in the status bar.
– I do think that this was working with ST3.

I am seeing an updated Windows Title with the currently selected filename the list of the folders enabled.

I am not sure why I would want to see the list of open folders, comma-separated.

I am not able to see the full path even via a right-click function.



Unless you’re on macOS that setting is enabled by default. I’m not aware of any way to show the list of added folders in the title bar, so I’m not sure what you’re seeing.



This is to show you what I am seeing. I have added 2 attachments.

I am sure that this was not what I was getting using Sublime 3, prior to upgrade.

Please view the Window Title, the Document Name and the Folders that have been added.



The "show_full_path": true setting works just fine for me on macOS with build 4113. Does it work for you in safe mode? The list of folders is shown when the project hasn’t been saved to disk. The "show_project_first" setting controls whether they’re shown in front or behind the file.