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Shortcuts are broken on non-US layout on Linux Wayland, works fine with X11


Hello, Sublime shortcuts does not work when I switch to Russian layout on Fedora 29 Gnome Wayland. Sublime version is 3176. But when I focus menu with a mouse it starts to work. Seems like Sublime cannot register layout switch when focus is in text editor and can register it when in Sublime menu. Sublime on Gnome Classic(X11) works fine.

locale status

System Locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8
VC Keymap: us,ru
X11 Layout: us,ru
X11 Model: pc105



I believe that the recent dev builds fixed problems with Wayland.

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Thank you. Sublime build 3184 works like a charm. Sorry for off topic, do you know the source of the problem, I have similar problems with other applications and cannot find universal walk-around. May be some configuration changing keyboard layout to English on Ctrl pressed and change back on Ctrl release can do the trick.



Sorry, I use Ubuntu and X11. Perhaps the developer or another knowledgeable person can explain it to you.



Some research brought up this article which may help you.

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Agree with you, this is really annoying. As a temporary workaround I’ve added custom shortcuts with Cyrillic letters for frequently used commands in /Packages/User/Default (Linux).sublime-keymap file. For example:

    // Cyrillic layout in Linux: Title Case
    { "keys": ["ctrl+л", "ctrl+ш"], "command": "title_case" },
    // Cyrillic layout in Linux: UPPER CASE
    { "keys": ["ctrl+л", "ctrl+г"], "command": "upper_case" },
    // Cyrillic layout in Linux: lower case
    { "keys": ["ctrl+л", "ctrl+д"], "command": "lower_case" },
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