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Shortcut key for the popup lists


Almost everything in Sublime Text 3 has its associated shortcut key.
Except the following popup lists:

  • the search/find history
  • the search/replace history
  • the opened file names (at the right corner of the file tabs line)

In Windows, a standard shortcut key to view a popup list is either Alt+Down or Ctrl+Down.

Why Sublime Text 3 does not provide the same or similar shortcuts for its popup lists?
It’s quite unexpected to leave the keyboard only to shows these three popup menus, whereas everything else is accessible from the keyboard.
And yes, I’m aware of the Up and Down keys that allow to pick up the previous/next item in the list - but it is not the same as showing the whole popup list that can be shown by pressing the button in the GUI - but unexpectedly doesn’t have the shortcut key.

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