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Shortcut for the tabs menu


Hi all,
Is there a keyboard shortcut to open the tabs menu at the right of the tabs?

I’ve been looking in the shortcut settings and wasn’t able to find it.

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The keyboard-way to get a list of opened tabs (as well as unopened ones) is to use goto-anything (ctrl/cmd+p).



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There is no setting or command to open that menu. You have to manually use the mouse. Ideally the core should provide a command to open that.




Thank you all for the feedback!

@kingkeith I did not find that issue, I’ve just “voted” it wit a :+1:



Let me illustrate why Ctrl+P, while it is a pretty powerful feature itself, can not replace the standard Ctrl+Tab list (that lists files in MRU order) of popular text editors such as VS Code, Cuda Text (when “ui_tab_switcher_dialog” is set to true), Notepad++ and many others.
Let’s consider a scenario when you have a project with more than 8 files open within this project. This is a common and regular situation for me. When you press Ctrl+P, the last 7 MRU files are fully shown and you can’t see the rest until you scroll (or move) down.
Here is the first distracting point: each time you press Arrow Down or Tab, Sublime Text actually switches to the selected file, whereas the Ctrl+Tab list (e.g. in VS Code) does not do it, thus keeping the focus on the list itself.
Here comes the second distracting point. You think: OK, I don’t have to press Arrow Down or Tab many times, I can use filtering! But once you start to use filtering, all the project files are added to the list, not only those which are open. And you are completely lost in the list of files.
This is my user experience that happens almost every day.
The Tab Filter plugin is a good alternative, but its list is not in the MRU order, so I’ve created the corresponding issue.
But frankly, I believe you’ll make a lot of people happy by adding an MRU Ctrl+Tab list as a core feature of the editor. You may even go the Cuda Text way by introducing an option similar to “ui_tab_switcher_dialog”.


Tabs Swicher popup plugin

OMG, the Compass Navigator seems to be the closest plugin that implements the Opened Files List / Ctrl+Tab List feature!
I’d say it was impossible to find this plugin intuitively or on purpose because its name does not contain any of the following key words: “File List”, “Opened Files”, “MRU”, “Ctrl Tab”.
But in fact, as I say, it is the closest we may find in Sublime Text that is similar to the embedded Ctrl+Tab List of the most popular open-source text editors. (Why I’m marking out the word open-source is because if the open-source text editors included this feature, then for sure this feature is important since even open-source community invested time to implement that).



Thanks for the feedback. I updated the package’s description so we can filter it by the keywords you mentioned.

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