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SFTP plugin - Invalid license key detected [resolved]


SFTP plugin usage this morning is erroring with message:

Invalid license key detected
Please purchase a license for continue used”

I have had a license for a number of years now and nothing has changed on my install/config. License is defined in plugin settings file.

Have uninstalled plugin, restarted ST, and reinstalled plugin to get same error.

ST is at latest version 4126

EDIT #1: SFTP plugin is able to connect and browse to remote location. Error appears when attempting to download or upload file



Same here !
Licensed user of Sublime Text 3, Version 3.2.2, Build 3211
“update_check”: false,

There was an update released today for SFTP for Sublime Text.
Now when used, I get “Invalid license key detected”.


Please advise why.



There is a bug with version 1.16.2 that causes some valid licenses to be detected as invalid.

The quick fix is to log in to and click the Reissue link next to your license key.

I’m currently working on getting a new release out to fix the issue.



Thank you for the reply Will.
I purchased from in 2015. Do not have an Account Login for
Guess I need to wait for your new release.



Thanks @wbond - all sorted.

@ITZAP follow the Forgot Password process on and set up an account with the same email address as the license - picks up your account data automatically :slight_smile:



Very cool system that and thank you very much :ok_hand:



I’ve just released SFTP 1.16.3 and SVN 1.9.3 that resolve an issue where valid license keys would get marked as invalid on Windows.

The fastest way to update is to uninstall the package and reinstall fresh.

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