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Settings management accross different machines


I use the editor on multiple machines and follow the strategy to maintain my config and snippets in a git Repo (the entire user-package for more or less)
So whenever I found a nice new package or created a shortcut I will sync this to all my other machine by pulling these changes.

Unfortunately, sometimes I need a specific setting on one machine which has to be different on another machine. Think of the font-size setting when the machines have monitors with different resolutions.
The font-size is indeed easy to change, but all the paths for the plugins are not. Why cquery, clang lives under one paths on one machine, the path might not be the same on another machine. In some cases, it is not possible to have the same setup of the machines.

I just wonder how most people solve this issue. I currently have different git branches which is kind of cumbersome. Is there any better strategy?

A Json config pre-processor would be nice depending on the hostname. Or having a single file which can overwrite specific settings of all other plugin settings. Then a symlink would do the job.



I currently use git branches for my two different machines as well that I rebase when needed, but I use it for all the dotfiles I keep under VCS, so ST isn’t any special here. So far this has been working great, although I don’t update my config as frequently anymore.



I also use branches, but not for the User package. I created a second package (directory) called Host which is also a git repository, whose branch names are equal to the hostnames of my machines. It’s much smaller and contains nothing except stuff that needs to vary per machine.

Those branches get checked out automatically by my myrepos setup, but that’s admittedly gilding the lily.

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I was hoping for a silver bullet.
Something like host-prefs similar to user-prefs overriding default-prefs. Thanks I will look into myrepos.