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Settings are ignored/broken after portable copy


Versions 3.2.1 and 3.1.1 (x64) portable. Windows 7 x64.

ST used to work perfectly but not since a Windows reinstall. I had about 15 open files when I last closed ST and when running the program on the new drive, all files/tabs but 3 had disappeared. First, I thought that it was because the files were missing, but one of the kept tabs had a missing file… perhaps the others had been saved and the kept one was modified?

Anyway, to the settings. Some settings (like the font) from Preferences.sublime-settings are read and applied correctly. However, tab_size is ignored (set to default 4 instead of my 2) and translate_tabs_to_spaces behaves as true even though it’s false by default and I haven’t changed it anywhere. Now, this weirdness happens in the program (that still has 3 open/modified files that aren’t saved anywhere). If I open up the settings instance of the program, all settings work properly!

My next step is to save the 3 modified files and delete Session.sublime_session, but I thought you’d like to see this.

I just noticed at the bottom right saying Spaces: 4 instead of Tab Size: 2. Apparently that’s not saved in the program directory in a portable installation… so why are there settings (that are ignored) for those properties?