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Set image as Background


I’m using multiple IDE’s and found this feature in Ruby Mine and fell in love. Couldn’t we just define a variable with the relative path of the image as background?



That’s not currently possible in ST. You can create a feature request on the issue tracker though if one doesn’t already exist, though I personally don’t see the use of it. I’d rather focus on the text/code rather than allow an image to distract me (which is ST’s philosophy).



It’s sad that it’s not possible in ST. But at least it allows creating a feature request. Sometimes images aren’t that useless, so it’d be nice to have an opportunity to set the background properly. Of course, not every image is suitable for this. For example, there’s no sense to put wide size images as background because it’s gonna affect the loading time of the page on almost every website or app. But I still do that like an idiot because I’m too lazy to work with images and to make them less wide. Rarely I use the background remover to do that work tho. Probably I need some self-discipline to change my behavior, lol.