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Set default panel height?


Is it possible to set the default height for the bottom panel? I mean the height for the panel when a new workspace is created with core sublime GUI, as a global setting.

This issue is asking for an API but I’m not sure if this is correlated with the GUI:



The issue you quoted has asked for an API for API created output panels in specific. Can you specify what the above means ?

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I’ll try, i am sorry for being unclear. I don’t want to control the height via command, key chord or API as described in the issue.

There is a panel at the bottom of Sublime Text for console, build results and maybe more. I just realized today that each panel has its own height, I am actually interested in build results only.
I can adjust the panel height with the mouse and this is preserved in the workspace.

When I create a new workspace it comes with a preset panel height. It is rather small. I would like to have a bigger preset height on workspace creation.

I linked to the issue because if this is related then this means it is currently not possible.