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Session not loaded after upgrading to build 4166


Hello, everyone

I have an installed Sublime 4 in an Ubuntu 22.10 OS.

After upgrading my installed Sublime to build 4166, the auto saved session is not loading correctly anymore. I made a backup of the session before upgrading and parts of the session are loaded if I restore the file, but not everything (most tabs keep showing the thin progress bar indefinitely). Creating new tabs to paste content and save it into a file is not possible anymore. Nothing happens. After editing the session, closing and opening Sublime again, all tabs keep showing the progress bar indefinitely and the process consumes 100% of the CPU endlessly.

Does anyone knows if it is possible to download a specific build? I want to install the previous build, so I can continue to do my job.




FYI, I was able to downgrade my Sublime installation via Synaptic Package Manager:

  • search for the “sublime-text” package and select it in the packages list;
  • go to menu “Package” and select “Force version…”;
  • select the desired version and click “Apply” to downgrade the installed package.


I’ve just taken a look through all the changes since 4152 and there haven’t been any relating to loading files or the session.

Do you see any errors in the console (View > Show Console)? ST uses multiple processes, which one is consuming 100% of your CPU? How many files with unique syntaxes do you have open in your session?



My Sublime Text won’t even start on 4166, but works just fine after downgrading back to 4152.
You can find older versions here, just type 4152 into the window.
Good luck! :slight_smile:

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I didn’t see anything suspect in the console, other than the last line: “Saving the session file took longer than expected…”. “Saving”? Ok.

BTW, the same “loading” problem is happening in the build 4169.

One subprocess and the main process (which I think it probably is reflecting the subprocess status).

What’s “files with unique syntaxes”?

Here’s the output of the console after the first 2 times opening Sublime Build 4169. There are small differences, but I don’t know if it’s worth mentioning them.





htop’s showing different threads there, so it is indeed the main process. My guess is it’s getting stuck loading one specific file and that’s preventing all the others from loading too. You could try to narrow down which exact file is causing issues, though that may take a while depending on the number of files you have open. Here’s a few quick things you can try:

  • Clearing the cache in ~/.cache/sublime-text
  • Temporarily reverting to a freshly installed state to check whether it’s an external plugin/syntax that’s causing issues or one of the builtin ones

If you’d prefer I can also make a custom instrumented build for you to test with - presumably you wouldn’t want to send me the session & code you’re working on. If you’d like to go this route please contact me at