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Select multiple files in ST4


With the release of ST4 comes enhanced Tab Multi-Select. That’s indeed a great feature. But how can I select multiple files at once (more than 8).
In ST3 i used to hold Shift key and selected as many files as needed with my mouse. In ST4 (I am on a mac) both Shift and CMD + Mouse Click open/preview the files in split view. You can only open 8 files at once.
How about selecting multiple files without split view?



You can still select as many files as you like in the side bar, only first 8 will be previewed though.



Unfortunately this is not the case. At least on my computer. My usecase is as follows. I have the sftp-plugin installed. When i select less than 8 files i am able to right click and upload these (e.g. 4) files. But when i select more than 8 files and right click on let’s say the 11th file. Only the 11th file is being uploaded. To clarify how to select multiple files so that all of them are higlighted in the sidebar and ready for mass action?



I’m able to reproduce it on my end. I’ve added an issue to our issue tracker for this:



@bschaaf Thanks.

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