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Select and copy the summary information to clipboard


I was curious to learn about the util-linux package so I cloned the repository and opened it in sublime merge, then I used a query:


Because I want to see the history of that file. What I was really curious about is, what was the date of the first commit on that file. So I scrolled to the bottom clicked on the commit and there the information was right in the Summary tab.

Pleased that I had the information I wanted I went to select and copy the summary information but sadly discover that the text is not selectable. It was very disappointing, all the text I want is right there, I’m wondering if there is a way to select and copy the text. I’ve attached a screenshot to show my efforts selecting text out of the summary tab:

The workaround I found was to right click on the commit and copy the commit and then issue a git log fd6b7a7ffc50400704beb41d5a23af5f9edb1eed command at the terminal.

Is there an easier way to select the summary text?



Sadly not ! At least not that I am aware either. I would check the issue tracker and open a feature request if it hasn’t been done already.

It would be nice if we could copy each field individually and copy all fields at once



related enhancement requests:



@mbigras, which parts of the summary did you want to copy? A workaround for now (until plugins are supported) would be to create a git alias to output the details, add a menu item, & then copy from the git output screen.