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Seems on sonoma that sudo subl /etc/hosts fails


Timeout waiting for detached instance to start: Connection refused

this works on my one Monterey Mac, but on Sonoma 14.3.1 it fails.
It works on another mac running 14.2.1, but I really don’t want to try and upgrade that to test if it is 14.3?

The .bashrc for root is empty, the shell is /usr/bin/sh
This will start sublime : “/Applications/Sublime” but generates
2024-03-10 03:29:09.013 sublime_text[5051:58512] XType: Using static font registry.
2024-03-10 03:29:09.182 sublime_text[5051:58512] WARNING: -restoreStateWithCoder: called with an unsupported NSCoder.
[5059:58620:20240310,032909.529492:ERROR] bootstrap_look_up Unknown service name (1102)
[5060:58621:20240310,032909.529563:ERROR] bootstrap_look_up Unknown service name (1102)

Update: updated one mac to
Just wondering if this is a Sublime, Sonoma, or rob thing.



Thank you! I will monitor patches. If there is something in the post that I shouldn’t have put in there, let me know and I will refrain in the future.
Still great product, it was just driving me nuts :slight_smile:



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