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Seeing all commits at once


Just started using SublimeMerge (windows) and I’ve found that, when checking out a branch, various commits from other branches become hidden. This is really confusing and very user unfriendly.

For example, I have a “develop” branch, from which I create feature branches. Say I’ve merged something from “feature-A” branch to “development”. Now I switch to “feature-B” branch and I want to merge in the new stuff from “develop”.

But as soon as I checkout “feature-B” branch, “develop” disappears from my list. I can no longer simply right-click on “develop” and select “merge develop into feature-B”. I have to use the menu Repository -> Merge Branch to select it.

I find it very disconcerting to have things disappear from the commit list every time I check out a different branch. It becomes impossible to see what branches are before/after others.

Is there an option to always show all branches/commits in the list at all times?

Another example, screenshots below. In this example, first screenshot (on left) is the “develop” branch checked out. Second screenshot (on right) I’ve checked out “staging” and “develop” (and some other commits) disappear. I want to check out “staging” and then right-click “develop” and select “merge into staging” but that’s impossible because it’s hidden for some reason. Very frustrating behaviour!



You might want to flip the Merge Commit Display setting from the General preferences to be set to Expand by Default if it’s not already set that way; one of the reasons you might see behaviour like this is commits being folded inside of a merge commit.

Not sure if that’s what’s happening here due to the way you clipped the images, but it might help.

It does look like the selected commit in the left message is also missing in a way that seems non-obvious, but without being able to see what the rest of the graph looks like it’s hard to say why that might be the case.

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Ahhh for some reason I didn’t even think to try that. That’s indeed the solution, thank you muchly! I feel a bit silly for missing that. :slight_smile:

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