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Search very slow on typing after adding and deleing sql document



I had a few GB sql file in my code base for about 5 mins.

I searched in sublime text with this file in there and the sublime text search was very slow.

I have 100% deleted this file now, restarted the app, restart my machine and sublime text search is still painfully slow. Take a few seconds per key press. This file and all large files are 100% gone and deleted.

Any help on speeding it up would be much appricated. Is there a search cache to delete somewhere?

Version: 4169 / full licensed



Can you be more specific as to what search you’re using? Does it happen in safe mode?



hi, thanks for your reply, it’s the search when I open this in the corner to be spsific:

The search is not slow in safe mode.

I think it’s worth noting that the search has never been slow before, only until I added and then removed this large file.

I’ve googled “remove sublime search cache” and similar things but I can’t find any help.

It’s made the app near unusable, really appciate any help with fixing this thanks. :slight_smile:



To be clear it’s typing into the search bar that’s laggy? Is typing anywhere else also slow?



It actually seems to be the whole UI, animations and typing in doucments too, I hadn’t just done that yet, as I was reviewing code.



Do you have the find-results tab still open? Does closing that fix the problem?