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Search for commit HASH


Use Case : Knowing a specific HASH a colleague might have mentioned to you, SublimeMerge currently lacks the functionality to find and check it out via the search. This is a functionality I use quite often in the SourceTree App to come around quickly.

=== App Version Information ===
Build: 1058

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Using Git: git
git version 2.15.2 (Apple Git-101.1)



You can use Navigate to Commit in the Command Palette for this



I’d like to see this as a keyword in the regular search as well. That’s what Sublime excels at, a very powerful and centred feature that can be used for all kinds of scenarios, it’s what I love so much about Sublime text, the ctrl+p with #, : and @ options.

Would really love to see a hash:ff729bf29a … search-keyword addition to the search interface!

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Agree, this would be useful even just for consistency. The search function might be one of the major entry points to enter custom queries.

The result of the current Navigate to Commit command is not very sufficient, when start entering a hash. Imagine the situation you might only remember a couple of characters of the whole hash. The current command just says “Hey, boy there are 24 matches”.

The search dialog instead could list the matching commits in the commit list. So the commit message might be used next as another key to find the desired commit.

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Dev Build 1063 now has the “commit:” search operator



@jps Can we search by the tree hash corresponding to a commit?



There’s no way to do this currently, no. But we do have something in the works.



Still in the works?



The tree: search operator was added in build 2025, 22 Jul 2020.

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