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Search does not find deleted filename


Hi people!
I am pretty happy after four months of using Sublime Merge.
A nice piece of software.

Git for Windows works terribly slow and Emacs magit relies on it.
Otherwise I would have probably kept using magit.
Anyway, I decided to purchase a license and never regret.

I want to achieve what the following git command does:
git log -- */
in order to search for a deleted file in the repository.

How can I achieve that in Sublime Merge?
I am using Navigate | Search (Ctrl+F)
When I type Trial finds it, but if I type TrialMana, TrialManagement or it does not work.

Note: The forum does not let me attach more than 1 image, so I will only show the one with the entire name



Search when not using any prefix will only search the commit messages. You can see this by opening the search view and remove any search query. At that point, the query syntax will show with instructions.

Given what you wan to achieve, you’ll want to use the path:filename. Your search query would be path:**/