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Search and replace performance



I’ve been trying forth and back for a while now. Sublime Text 4 is absolutely dangerous when doing large searches or too many search and replace.

I find myself having to solve such issues in VS Code of all tools. I search and replace in 6800+ files and Sublime hangs while VS Code performs the task in 20-30 seconds without hanging.

This is a real blocker for me as I work in a lot of different projects and would love if you could have a look at ways to improve this.

VS Code does not block every open window while Sublime hangs completely and that means every window.

Sublime doesn’t even complete the task while VS Code completes it pretty fast.

To make matters even worse, it opens all the files that was searched (and now changed outside of Sublime) so before I can do anything with sublime I first have to reload every single file. That means clicking Reload or Cancel 6800+ times and meanwhile Sublime grinds to a halt again…