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Scss not compile on st4


i can not compile or build the scss file, just say not build system, what i need to do…???



The text No build system can occur if the sublime-build file you’re using is broken, and also if there is no build available for the type of file that you’re trying to build.


  1. Did you create your own sublime-build file or are you using one from a package that you installed?
  2. If you created one, is it valid JSON?
  3. If you didn’t create one, is the package that you installed in the list of ignored_packges in your settings, which would make the build not available?
  4. Is the selected build system in Tools > Build System set either to the name of the build that you want to execute OR to Automatic?
  5. If is the syntax is Automatic, is the type of the file (visible in the bottom right of the window) what you expect, or does it say Plain Text?