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Scrolling past bottom of screen not working


I am using Fedora linux and all was fine until I cannot scroll past the bottom of the screen.
How do I fix this?



The "scroll_past_end" setting is enabled by default. Do you have it disabled in your settings? Does it happen in safe mode?



I can scroll past the bottom of the screen under normal conditions but not when I am in block selection mode. scroll_past_end is in the settings. I have reset sublime text by moving the data folder out of .config but it didn’t change anything



Can you clarify what you mean by “block selection mode”?



Block selection in a text editor such as Sublime Text works similarly in a Linux environment as it does in other operating systems. To activate block selection mode, you can typically use the same keyboard shortcut, which is holding down the Alt key and selecting text with the mouse or keyboard.

In Sublime Text on Linux, you can also activate block selection mode by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Up or Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Down keys. This will allow you to select a block of text that spans multiple lines and columns, which you can then edit, cut, copy, or paste as you would with a traditional line-by-line selection.

Once you’ve selected a block of text, you can use keyboard shortcuts such as Alt + Left or Right arrow to move the cursor left or right by one column, and Alt + Up or Down arrow to move the cursor up or down by one row. This allows you to make edits to specific columns of data, align text, or add or remove indentation, which can be especially useful in programming or data manipulation tasks.

Overall, block selection in a text editor like Sublime Text is a powerful feature that can help you work more efficiently in a Linux environment, especially when working with large amounts of text.



Don’t use ChatGPT to write your responses for you, it doesn’t help you and it just wastes my time.



Oh really. I am not a very good writer. It would have wasted much more of my time to write something as clear. But I wouldn’t want you to waste your time so forget I asked.



A single sentence would have actually clarified what you meant. Less text than you just wrote.