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Scrollbar jump back



There’s a feature available in probably all other editors I’ve used, and it’s not in Sublime. I was wondering if it could be added (I didn’t find a plugin for it).

Ok, how best to explain this. Go to notepad (yes, that ancient relic). Put in some text that is longer than one screen, preferably two or more, so you get a scrollbar. Go to the bottom of the text, so the scrollbar is also all the way at the bottom. Now drag the scrollbar up, and with the left mouse button still pressed, move the cursor to the left, away from the scrollbar. After you’ve moved far enough from the scrollbar, it will jump back down (i.e. to the spot where you were before you started scrolling).

I use this feature a lot: I’m writing code somewhere in the middle of the file, I need to double-check some code elsewhere in the same file, so I scroll there, keep the mouse button pressed, and once I’m done I drag to the left so I jump back to where I was writing in the first place.

I know there are ways of doing something similar in Sublime, like split screen with twice the same file, or alt minus to jump the cursor “history”. But these are all less convenient: they require more effort (yeah, I know, it’s not exactly a dramatic amount, but we do live in times where each extra unnecessary click matters), and it completely goes against habits I have in other editors.




While the mouse button is down press <ESC>. That’s how it works on my Windows machine at least.



That seems to work indeed! Definitely a good alternative. Thanks!