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Scrollbar behaviour in Sublime Text 4


I use the newest Sublime Text 4 on Linux with Gnome.
The scrollbutton works equally on all applications except Sublime Text:
When I left-click on a position in the bar it jumps there. When I right-click on a position in the bar it scrolls a page size in that direction.
Sublime Text has the page size scroll behaviour on left-click and doesn’t support a right-click behaviour.

Could Sublime Text be changed to support the alternative function on right-click and get a configuration option to swap the two behaviours between left-right clicks?

This way people could change the behaviour to match the other applications settings and have both scrolling behaviours at the same time.

That is especially usefull with the new search markers in the scrollbar area.

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it may be worth logging an issue on the tracker about it - or include a comment about it in my issue at