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Scroll_past_end should have three settings, not all-or-none


Scroll past end being true is annoying because I don’t want to see an empty page just because I wanted to edit the last function and thus gave the scrolling a nice whack.

It being false is also annoying while using extensions like clangd, because:

  • the popups are not always aware of how far they are from page boundary or from the macOS dock. So while working on the last function, most of clangd’s benefits go down the drain because I can’t see the contents of the popup.
  • Since I’ve set “output: diagnostics” to appear whenever there’s an error and go away when there are none: it shows up and covers the code while I’m typing. When the errors are fixed, the output window goes away and the page snaps back to match scroll_past_end.

Replacing scroll_past_end with a setting like “end buffer length” with three modes: full page, half page, zero would be very helpful.

Thanks for reading!



ST 4 introduces a setting called context_lines which causes the view to scroll up or down as soon as the caret is moved nearby the upper/lower corner. It makes sure to always see the previous/next few lines of code before/after the caret’s line.

Hitting ctrl+end causes only space of few empty lines being displayed beyond the file’s end.


It doesn’t of course prevent you from scrolling down further to end up with a blank view.

That said, the best place for feature requests is

Your request sound pretty much related with though.

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What would happen with this setting enabled and scroll_past_end set to false. Would I still get. padding ?

Thanks for letting me know about it.

That said, the best place for feature requests is

Not sure if someone would receive any email if I comment on that task. Here, someone might see it.
Since there’s a ticket, guess I’ll wait.



Setting scroll_past_end to false still stops scrolling at the last line. You won’t see extra space below it.

Here, someone might see it.

Things tend to get burried in this forum. There are some kinds of questions which are asked again and again even though they have been answered thougsands of times.

The official todo list sublimehq uses is the issue tracker. It is used to gather related bugs/requests if they work on certain topics. It may take some time but the better an issue/request is described the higher the chance is for it to be implemented if judged valuable.

context_lines was such a thing for instance.