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Scroll in sidebar with keyboard


I would like this functionality added. When you have large number of files when you get to the bottom scroll stops at last file and you can’t see files below. You can put mouse over sidebar and scroll that way but it would be nice to do it with keyboard.



Moving files by using arrow keys scrolls on my end. What version of ST are you using?



Yes but just scroll, not moving selection. Try to scroll with your scroll wheel while hovering with mouse over the sidebar and you will see what I’m talking about.



I think this is a double post of How scroll in sidebar keyboard which might explain your desire better (not “selecting” files while scrolling using the keyboard)



I don’t understand what is there to explain. When you have more files in your sidebar than the size of your screen you get scroll bar next to it. When you hover with the mouse over it you use scroll wheel on the mouse to scroll it(to scroll the sidebar), like in any other program. How to do that with keyboard and when your mouse is not hovering over the sidebar.