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So I’ve finally updated my ColorSchemeEditor; renamed to SchemeEditor to avoid confusion with the one on PackageControl.

The big thing I was waiting for was the ability to have the actual editor on PyPi. This is good as distributing binaries like I was probably wasn’t compatible with my wxPython license and the license I use…

The big difference is you have to pip install the tool now (pip install subclrschm), and then point the plugin at it (check documentation). This is much easier for me to maintain as I don’t have to try and package binaries and jump through the associated hoops. It opens this up to many more linux distros as well. It’s one of the things that caused development to stall on this.

There have been fixes as well to work with the latest iterations of color schemes (it took me a couple of iterations as I stumbled into a few bugs).



Jul 23, 2017

  • FIX: UUID should be optional.


Jul 23, 2017

  • FIX: Include images as data in when installing.


Jul 23, 2017

  • NEW: Add support for X11 color names. Convert them to hex on color scheme load.
  • NEW: Handle popupCss and phantomCss. Inject them if they are missing.
  • NEW: Require wxPython 4+ and rework code to use it and support Python 2.7 and 3.4+.
  • NEW: Remove importing and exporting of JSON color schemes.
  • FIX: Multiple Ubuntu dock icons (possibly similar issue in other Linux distros).

Where to get?

Anyways. It’s possible I’ll but SchemeEditor on PackageControl, I guess I’ll have to see if there is still interest. If not, people can always pick it up manually.

Plugin is here:
GUI Editor is here:


Creating a custom color scheme?
Customising syntax highlighing is too hard

Thank you @facelessuser!
I have been looking forward to this plugin since I learned from it on our recent GitHub discussion.

I will check it out tomorrow or the day after.



@PyBen, No problem. Let me know if you run into any bugs.

There is a little polishing up to be done, but it should work fine.

I plan on doing the following:

  • Make enter apply name or UUID instead of just when the box loses focus.
  • Figure out what to do with UUID. Possibly remove UUID altogether as it does absolutely nothing in Sublime Text, I think it has some significance in TextMate color schemes, which this could be used for, but I don’t know if I care. I may just leave it in, it doesn’t hurt anything either. Maybe people want to support both TextMate and Sublime.
  • When opening a color scheme when the editor is already open, pipe the new arguments to the existing editor and open the scheme in it. Prompt to save unsaved changes before loading new scheme if not in live mode.
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Okay, new update. This should make things a bit better.


Jul 26, 2017

  • FIX: wxPython 4.0.0b1 removed label parameter from constructor.


Jul 26, 2017

  • NEW: Add menu entry to create a new color scheme.
  • NEW: Show visual indicator when unsaved changes are present.
  • NEW: Apply name and UUID if enter is pressed in the respective text box.
  • NEW: phantomCss and popupCss are no longer treated special but like an ordinary text entry. Text entries have a separate box that can optionally contain multi-line data or single line data.
  • NEW: Slight redesign of edit dialogs.
  • NEW: When in single instance mode, pipe arguments to existing instance.
  • NEW: Minor tweaks to GUI.
  • FIX: Ensure a new live thread is started when switching files.
  • FIX: Fix issue where event isn’t passed into UUID check.
  • FIX: When opening new file while another file is open, don’t clean up current file until after the new file has been selected and successfully parsed.
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I am aware of a small bug where transparent colors aren’t being properly mixed with the global background color on the global settings tab after the background is edited. They are always one change behind. I know what the issue is and it is a simple fix. I should have the fix done later today. I’m just surprised I missed it…



2.1.2 is now released fixing the color mixing of global settings. That should be the last big bug.



how to install it will package?
I did not find out a package named “SchemeEditor”.
As you mentioned, there is only one called “ColorSchemeEditor.”



It is not on Package Control. I’d have to see sufficient interest to bother.

So you have to install it manually:

The editor itself will never be in Package Control, but if there was enough interest, I’d add the Sublime plugin part.



It is sad that such great plugin receives so little attention on the forum. @facelessuser just made scheme editing 10x easier and no one takes notice.

Especially regarding that the only similar plugin ColorSchemEditor has a major bug rendering it unusable and the author @bobef has abandonded it without including a license.

So, SchemeEditor comes at the right time.

  • Ben
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It’s the way forums like this work. Most of my threads on my plugins are me talking to myself. You get the occasional person who is having an issue or would like a feature added, and even less that stop by that compliment the plugin. This kind of plugin doesn’t have much room for new features as it does everything it needs to do, so if it works, I expect I won’t hear much from people who are using it. You actually get more feedback for an idea or a half finished plugin than you would a fully working plugin. There’s motivation as people want to see it finished, so they will engage.

BracketHighlighter has over a million installs, but I rarely hear anything from people about it unless someone wants me to fix something or add something. I think my feedback in that case is the installs.

This particular plugin will also see less usage simply because you have to manually install it. Even if I put the plugin on Package Control, you would still have to manually setup the scheme editor, but that is pretty easy now with pip. And to be honest, some people are probably fine with editing the scheme manually, this is targeting very particular people who’d prefer a GUI.

It’s just the way people are with these things. They bookmark and consume. They mostly engage when they want something. This is true for my popular plugins as it is with my unpopular plugins.

If you really want discussions or donations, you have to tease people with incomplete ideas or features, and then they’ll show interest in the form of +1 or “when can we expect that feature”, or even donations to get said feature done if the feature is popular enough and you are actually willing to withhold work on it until you get said donations. I don’t really care about playing those kind of games, I’m more: “here’s something I wrote, use it or don’t” :slight_smile:.



I do tease on occasions if I’m looking for feedback on direction. I think that’s the only time I try to force dialog.



@facelessuser OK. I was not aware of this kind of dynamics. Guess I was expecting less of a consumer mentality, but more active engagement, in a community like this one. But good to know everything is alright. Good to be endowed with that knowledge, as it will save me from disappointment once I introduce my first plugin. Thanks.

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Yeah, I wish people were more open with positive feedback; I like hearing good things as much as the next person.

Really, the best metric in interest is downloads on Package Control. When I first started creating plugins, seeing interest there helped motivate me. Then as I added more plugins, I looked less at those numbers, but in the beginning it helped. I guess I still use them as a guide to prioritize my work. Now popular plugins get more of my time, unless I have something I just really want on a less popular package.



I’ve been using BracketHighlighter for as long as I can remember and it’s been a staple in my setup ever since. 98% of the times it Just Works™ and the 2% it doesn’t are the times when I engage on the issue tracker (or discord).
It’s the same for most of my own packages, though. They eventually reach that state were maintenance is minimal if at all, so unless you have ideas for new features there won’t be much happening from a consumer point. Some things are just pretty much complete. I’m still happy when others end up using and enjoying my stuff. :smile:

I also read pretty much all the posts in these threads, but realistically I have nothing to contribute (especially here when I don’t even use the tool).

For color schemes, I will always prefer using my own CSScheme package over this (in conjunction with ColorHelper - yet another @facelessuser package :wink:).



That is the good thing. There’s always something for everyone :slight_smile:.