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Save progress in conflict resolution


Is there something i’m missing? I want to be able to save in the middle of resolving a file that is full of conflicts. When i do so, it throws me back to the main screen. If i click resolve again all my work is thrown away. I love the interface but i can’t deal with not being able to save frequently…version 1103

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I don’t think you’ve missed anything, but I haven’t had that need myself. You’re welcome to create an enhancement request in the issue tracker.



After resolving a conflict you need to stage the file. I agree that the button layout could help a bit here through better colorization, I. E. highlight the stage button after the conflict is resolved.



No I get that. What i want is the following use case:

  1. My files has > 2 merge conflicts, with potentially complicated resolution
  2. I want to save so i don’t lose my work if i mess up. Also i’m in the habit of saving frequently in sublime text so it’s hard to avoid hitting my save hotkey
  3. Continue resolving
  4. Exit resolution
  5. stage

currently if i ever do 2, i get shot out to the stage screen. If i try to continue resolving conflicts in the file it reverts all the changes i made previously.



I’ve run into (more or less) the same issue. I’ve gotten where I only resolve conflicts in Merge if they are very simple.

I think it would improve the situation if Merge had a different presentation for unstaged merge conflicts that have been resolved. As it is, it’s not clear (to me) which of several conflicted files still need attention if I’ve resolved some of them.

If it gets even a little bit weird, I got back to Sublime Text and Search All Files for “<<<<<” and work through it there. I was hoping with the new Git Status Badges in ST (v3.2, build 3200) it would cover merge conflicts, but it does not seem to recognize them. FWIW, I put in a feature request for that at New Editor Git Status Badges: Please add Merge Conflicts . Feel free to support that if you like.