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Save file and run package


Hi there,
I try to add a function has feature: When save file (ctrl+s) , the package “W3CValidators: Validate HTML5” will run. How can I do that?
Currently, I just ctrl+shift+P and then find W3CValidators:
Thank you!



You will have to write a small plugin for it. The main idea being running the command that is responsible for W3CValidators: Validate HTML5 after saving the file (look at the boilerplate below)

import sublime
import sublime_plugin

class ExampleListener(sublime_plugin.EventListener):

    def on_post_save_async(self, view):
        # Run the command that is responsible for "W3CValidators: Validate HTML5" 
        # after the view is saved.

If you are unsure what the command is, just run sublime.log_commands(True) in ST’s console, run that (W3CValidators: Validate HTML5) once from the command palette and it should log the command for it.



Thank you for your answer. Let me try it.