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I am hoping this would be a simple and highly sought after feature that could be implemented.

Coming from Notepad++ the “Save Copy As” in the file menu is an excellent way to quickly make a backup copy of a file before you lay down a bunch of new changes to it.
At least that’s been my work flow.

The alternative is to “Save As” which is brutal for what I’m trying to accomplish. The file saves with the new name and then reopens under that new name. If you’re saving a backup you don’t need that file open. You want to stay in the same file.

I can’t be alone on this one right?
I did use the search first.

Thank you


Feature: Code Snapshot (plugin?)

You may want to look into something called version control. I would recommend Git.




Thanks for the suggestion.

It looks overly complicated to me. I’ve looked at some tutorials to set it up and this is what I see.
You have to go into terminal each time and type a command to take a new snapshot.
No great way to see old versions. Looks like I would view these in terminal or gitk.
I found a nice guide here though (for anyone who is interested) … ol-system/

With “Save a Copy As” I just hit that and append “-Backup001” then save.
I’m still in the file I was working in and clearly have a backup file I can see and get back into easily.
If I really need to compare changes I just use the compare file tool and can see changes side by side rather than being told one text item that was changed in terminal and not seeing either file.
It does get a little messy if you have a lot of them and you need to do some house keeping every now and then. But way simpler and more at your finger tips than git looks to be.

If a plugin could be coded that would be even better.
To have some configurations like selecting a path to save backups and a keyboard shortcut to take a snapshot.
Also, an easy way to view old snapshots and compare and/or restore.
Now that would be nice!



There is a feature request in for this through the preferred tracking system for SublimeText 2.

If you would like to see this included please go there and comment and rate it UP. … ve-a-copy/



Here is an initial attempt at a plugin for this. Any comments or corrections would be appreciated.

Unfortunately I have very limited access to github from work, so I had to post the plugin as a gist:



Have you take a look at these 2 plugins:



[quote=“bizoo”]Have you take a look at these 2 plugins:[/quote]

Thanks bizoo. Package manager is blocked by my work proxy so I’m a bit uninformed with what is available there. Since nobody mentioned any alternatives when this was first asked I figured it might be fun to have a crack at it. I’d suggest that people use the solutions linked to by bizzo above before trying mine.



If you install the sidebarenhancements plugin manually, you can duplicate files and specify a new name. The file will still be opened after that, but you can simply close it and work on the original file.



Thanks jbjornson. I’ll give that a try.

Local History looks very nice. Lots of the features I was looking for but it’s a little too application specific (maybe that’s unavoidable) and I really try to avoid that stuff if possible. Because what happens if you don’t have sublimetext 2 or have to move the project?

A lot of times the simplest things work best. A “Save a Copy As” is just fast and simple.



I know this is a really old topic, but it’s the first result on google about this topic and I finally wrote a plugin for this function.
You can find it on gitHub:



There still doesn’t seem to be a “save copy as”.

Git is overkill, certainly for all my current projects.

There isn’t this function in sublime 3

I can’t even open two copies of the same file, ad then “save as” one and close it, ST3 just thinks I’m opening the same file.
Coping all to a new tab and then saving that seems a bit extreme. These posts were made years ago but there doesn’t seem to have been any change…
Could someone put me in the right direction pls (hopefully I’m not gonna have to install a plugin…Package sure, sorting out python code, maybe when i’ve got rid of my child and aren’t self employed any more ! :laughing:)

Thank you



Ps Downloaded side bar enhancements, using PI, can’t even show side bar… I can’t understand any of the youtube tutorials…half an hour…so far, I’ll go back to “saving as” then reloading the old file. Frustrating.



“Sace Copy as” I can’t get to work. It says “Save file first”, I save file, select “Sace Copy as” and it says “Save file first”.

I tried the command line plugin, (theskyliner) but that means you can’t see what the previous names of your files are, so that doesn’t help me.

I thought I had a brain wave, “save as”, crtl + w, then ctr+shift+t, but of course it just opens the last file. I don’t remember having this trouble with pluma, the standard text editor that come with linux mint, but that was a while a go.

Sadly it seems, no-one is gonna help me :sleepy:, and to the OP, you’re not on your own !


I also tried multi-command and tried using this keybinding (it’s missing the save as I know) just as a test and work around, it doesn’t work either.

“keys”: [
“command”: “run_multiple_commands”,
“args”: {
“commands”: [
“command”: “select_all”
“command”: “copy”
“command”: “new_file”
“command”: “paste”



The feature requested is a light touch which is common to many text editors in this modern day. Git/version control is in a different class