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SASS Compiled to Specific Folders


I want to use Sublime Text 3/4 but I need it t work nearly as well as VS Code. I do not want to support Microsoft and want to keep using Sublime Text 3/4 even though Microsoft has captured 70% of the coder market.

But I need Sublime Text 3/4 to work nearly as well as VS Code.

I need to compile SASS on the fly and I need to have the CSS compiled to the project-folder/distribtion/css folder with *.scss files saved in the project-folder/scss folder including extension files; I don’t want any of the scss files cluttering up the distribution folder.

I have tried SASS-Build and the Ruby SASS compiler to no satisfaction and need some help getting up to speed on this. I want everything to happen when I press [ctrl][s]. I don’t want to have to go t the command line to get this done.

Any help would be most appreciated.



I would also like a webpage preview window automatically updated as I work if possible,.



This isn’t important as a save will update the code which will update the browser open in another monitor, Don’t need a specific button to do this on a specific port.

So I all need to know where the configuration files are to allow me to tell the SASS compiler where to save the files to.



For instance, in VS Code I have Live SASS Compiler Settings in .json format as follows:

"breadcrumbs.enabled": false,
"editor.fontSize": 16,
"editor.tabSize": 2,
"editor.wordWrap": "on",
"editor.minimap.enabled": false,
"javascript.validate.enable": false,
"liveServer.settings.donotShowInfoMsg": true,
"liveServer.settings.donotVerifyTags": true,
"liveSassCompile.settings.formats": [
        "format": "expanded",
        "extensionName": ".css",
        "savePath": "/dist/css"
"window.zoomLevel": 1,
"workbench.colorTheme": "Default Dark+"

Where do I find this in Sublime Text 3/4



Sublime Text 3 or 4 obviously doesn’t have the ability to compile SASS files out of the box and do a hot reload as well on save. You’ll have to find a package that does it. If one doesn’t exist, you’ll have to find a way to do it yourself.