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SASS and Sublime


New to sublime and want to start using SASS / SCSS, I installed this package But there is no instructions on how to use it, how to set up the from / to directory or anything. Is there another better plugin for SASS / SCSS forSublime, or should I use an third part application for just this?



From the link that you have posted, it appears that the package is a syntax highlighter for Sass files. I guess you are looking for options for compiling your sass files into CSS. From a search on Package Control, there is a build system that perhaps does this : Sass Build (It’s labelled for ST2 so not sure if it works on ST3. I don’t use it myself) which may be of interest to you.



If you need a compiler, LibSass Build works pretty fast. The four plugins I use religiously are Sass, LibSass Build, SublimeOnSaveBuild and SassBeautify.

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A small suggestion: any build steps (e.g. compiling Sass, minify JS etc) must be reproductible independently, no matter what editor or platform you are on.

Just imagine one of theese scenarios:

  • Reinstall OS;
  • Have to work on another machine for couple of days;
  • Want to integrate an automated deploy
  • Simply ditch Sublime in favor of anything else

A better route would be to use a stand alone tool like Laravel Mix (which is basically a wrapper for webpack, but with a saner configuration) that deals with all this build steps.



Thanks guys, I actually solved this with the program Prepros. To bad this functionality is not built in to Sublime.



100% correct!