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S Merge stuck loading changes


I just downloaded Sublime Merge and opened a new repo, made a simple change and now it’s stuck saying “Loading changes…” for the last ten minutes or so. I tried staging the file from the command line as well but that didn’t change anything.

I’m using Ubuntu 20.04.2
I don’t see a version or anything for Sublime Merge but I downloaded from the stable channel today so it should be pretty recent.
I have 3.2.2, build 3211 of Sublime Text if that matters.



Hi @avorum,

Thanks for reporting this issue - could you confirm the following:

  • Whether you’re able to share the contents of the changed file / change made (not an issue if you cannot)
  • How large the changed file is (lines)
  • What file extension the changed file has
  • Whether starting Sublime Merge via safe mode resolves the issue
    • This can be done by running smerge --safe-mode via the command line

- Dylan