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Ruby ST IDE - Set of Best Plugins?


It seems that ST is one of the best free IDEs for Ruby development for those who can’t afford RubyMine.

Has anyone experienced in Ruby and Rails development got a list of useful plugins, preferably in order of importance ?



First of all: ST is not a IDE, it’s a code editor. Thus, you might never achieve the same feature set as a full-blown IDE - but this is also it’s advantage.
The plugin selection also varies dependent on how you work.

I just looked up, what I use (Ruby, not Rails specific and not ordered as it would be to subjective):

  • Better RSpec
  • LSP
  • SublimeLinter
  • SublimeLinter-rubocop

But most of my productivity I gain thru the “language neutral” packages, how I work with ST in general (and ST itself, of course :D).
Also I have a full hand of customizations on the color-scheme, plugins etc. E.g. from Better Rspec I only use one command and reworked the shipped syntax definition.

I guess simply start coding and see what you miss will be the easiest way.