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Revert back to default folding (prior smart folding)


Is there a way to return to old code folding?

I’m using "fold_style": "force_indentation", but it is still not behaving as before.

For example, lets say you have a block on level 2 that you are interested in:

  1. You put your cursor somewhere in that block and hit alt+k+2 - that folds everything around your block up to that level. The problem is that now it folds everything after level 2 inside your block of interest too, which is not very useful tbh.

  2. When the above worked you only needed to hit alt+k+3 for example to additionally fold everything inside your block up to level 3 while the outer ones stay folded at level 2. Now when you do that your entire file is folded back to level 3, which invalidates your action of folding it to level 2 before that.

I was expecting to have a way to revert to the old folding, but apparently that’s not there or maybe I am not finding it.



I am not aware of such a possibility by using a setting.

A plugin could probably do that. MarkdownEditing for instance provides some plugin code for custom folding behavior, bound to default keys, so it feels as natural as possible.