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Return to last EDIT location


I’ve searched and can’t find a definitive answer.

I often leave off editing a file and wander around in the same file looking for information and then want to jump back to where I was last editing (i.e. specifically ‘changing’) the file. What I’d like is a nice keyboard shortcut to do this. I know ALT± (or CTRL±) to step back through visited locations but that really seems to be too fine in what it calls visited and I find myself pressing it a couple dozen times before I find the location I was last editing. There is a cheat of (undo/redo) that’ll do it, but that seems a bit contrived.

Is there an existing function? Should there be?



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You may want to take a look at the menu items Goto > Next Modification and Goto > Previous Modification; they’re also bound to keys which you can see on the menu items as well.



Ah, thanks OdatNurd - I’d missed their existence! I’ll investigate those some more. Sorry - remiss of me not to come back here and reply to your (always) helpful response.

Meanwhile, what I think I wanted is the ‘definition stack’ feature from VIM, whereby you can hit CTRL+[ to visit the definition of something, then visit the definition of something in that function and so on, then hit CTRL=T to work your way back up the visited stack. I’ll leave that question for another day though!



I VSCode is <Ctrl+K, Ctrl+Q> and I used it all the time to switch back to my changes after checking something some logic elsewhere. It’s terrible useful.