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Restriced number of open files


I’m running a licensed version of build 4126 on Mac OS 12.3.1. It seems as though there is a hard limit on the number of concurrently open files that I can have at any one time and I don’t understand why. I have my project window open with new files opening as tabs at the top (see screenshot below)

If I have 5 files open and I select a new file to open, the least recently opened file tab automatically closes and disappears from the tab bar. I know that there are plugins that will enforce this kind of limit but I haven’t installed any of them. I’d like to change this behavior such that files only close (whether they’re modified or not) when I choose to do so manually. Is this a feature or known bug of some kind?

I’ve searched all over and feel as though I’m missing something but haven’t been able to find an answer. Thanks in advance!



Does it happen in safe mode?



No, I just tried and the problem does not occur in safe mode.



List of plugins? Hopefully when you try to provide that, you find the culprit.
PreferencesPackage SettingsPackage ControlSettings



I found the culprit, thanks to you both for the help! I haven’t installed anything new or modified packages settings for a long time which is why I was confused that the behavior only recently changed. Apparently Zen Tabs has an open tabs limit which was set to 5 and recently decided to start enforcing this setting ¯_(ツ)_/¯