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Restore default window that was active prior to running Sublime


I’ve noticed that when launching Sublime from a terminal window on MacOS has an odd behavior. After closing the Sublime editor window, focus does not seem to return back to the terminal window for some reason.

Example scenario:

  1. open a terminal
  2. launch Sublime from the terminal (ie: “subl .”)
  3. close the Sublime editor (ie: mac+q on MacOS)

Expected results:
The original terminal window should now be active

Actual results:
None of the active application windows are now active, so the user is forced to click on the window they were using or use a task-switch shortcut (ie: mac+tab on MacOS) to get back to the window they were using

This sounds like a minor problem, but for users like me that spend 8 hours a day, every day, working from the shell, having to constantly switch back and forth between windows like this every time I launch my editor is tedious at best. In fact, this is one of several reasons that I tend to not use Sublime text for many of my daily needs. Every other text editor or IDE that I use has this default behavior, so the problem is definitely isolated just to Sublime (ie: this is not an OS wide problem).