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Resolve merge conflicts and potential dataloss!


I just had a really frustrating dataloss experience due to the fact that while you are resolving merge conflicts in Sublime Merge (in the diff UI) if you edit the file in Sublime Text changes will NOT be reflected in Sublime merge.

This means that if you make a change in Sublime Merge then make another change in Sublime Text in the same file the changes will be lost when you press “Save and Stage”.

Currently SM doesn’t even have a find/replace feature in the diff view so it’s a painful experience to actually do much in that view thus making ST a necessary addition to resolving conflicts.

I lost about an hour of work this morning because of this bug. Please fix this ASAP.



It also seems to be the case that if you hit “Ctrl + S” while there are unresolved conflicts that the file is saved without either piece of code in place. So by instinctually hitting save I lost large swathes of a merge.



This is a nasty bug. No response from the Sublime team on this?? What issue could be more pressing than dataloss?



Hi @genericptr,

Thank you for sharing your concerns, and I’m sorry to hear you’ve lost your work.

I am investigating ways to prevent this situation in the future - I will keep you updated on this thread.

Kind regards,