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[Request] Right-click to open folder in Windows


In Windows, Sublime Text 3 installs shell extensions (or whatever you call them) so that when you right-click on a text file, there’s an “Open with Sublime Text” option.

It would be nice if it installed an “Open with Sublime Text” option for directories, too. My major way of using Sublime Text with projects is to have a folder open in ST. On Mac, I use the subl command to open directories from the shell. I don’t see an easy equivalent of that on the Windows side. And because it’s Windows, I’m in a shell less often, and using Windows Explorer more often.

For that matter, it would be nice if there were a right-click “Open with Sublime Text” option for directories on the Mac, too. Maybe it could be done with the “Services” thing.




You may interest in It just does quite the same things with the thread above but in a single .exe file.