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Request: Open git console


I do enjoy using sublime merge for my day to day work, but every now and then I need to perform some action or git command that’s not available in sublime merge. Currently I have to open a separate command window to perform the action. It would be nice if sublime allowed for arbitrary git commands somehow. The most obvious to me would be in a console, but there may be better options.
Also if it’s already possible to perform arbitrary git commands from within sublime, please let me know.



Well you could install the Terminus plugin (, which is pretty much the way now to have a terminal/console in Sublime Text. It’s pretty flexible with keybindings, so you could open it up in a panel, run your git command, then hide it again whenever you like. It can also run in a view (like a text file) which can then be moved around and resized like any other text file.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys. I’m looking for some sublime merge solution, so terminus is not exactly what I’m looking for. I didn’t know about the custom commands. It looks promising. I can probably fit in most of what I need to do there. Though I still think for some ad-hoc things a terminal-like solution would be nice. Maybe terminus will do for that actually… sounds pretty neat in any case.



I use something similar to this comment as a workaround to open a terminal window.