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Request: Open Folder in Side Bar


When right-clicking a file in the side bar, I can select Open Containing Folder ... which will open the folder in Windows Explorer.

I really wish there was an equivalent Open Folder ... option when right-clicking a folder in the side bar. It’s often the folder itself I’m interested in opening in explorer, and having to select one of the files inside it is a bit of a hurdle and feels unnatural. Especially annoying when the folder is actually empty, or it’s collapsed not showing the files inside it.

Now it’s basically like “I want to open this folder in explorer, *right-click*, where’s the … oh right, *expand folder*, *right-click a file*, there it is… *sigh*”

Think I’ve seen a plugin for it or something, but seriously, why is it not just a standard option?

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I would guess that it is not there by default because it is seldom used, and ST is so customizable that people whom want it, can trivially add it themselves:

perhaps therefore the ST devs don’t see the point in cluttering up everyone’s context menu with something additional to support that won’t even be used often or missed by many, especially as the workaround to right click on a file to get the option is there



is there a run command for 'open_terminal', {'dir': dir_path}, such that I can run gnome-terminal --working-directory=dir_path?



Not surprised it’s not used much when you have to go through a random answer to even get the option to show up. :confused:

Make it an opt out setting for those who feel their context menu is “too crowded”? I mean, the menu isn’t exactly crowded now, and the reason why I keep looking for it is it’s quite standard to have there.



looks like this plugin does that (open terminal).



I prefer a minimal and clean sublime text experience. It would be better to have a plugin with all standards to have there.



What I was looking for was to open Explorer in the folder though.

Opening a Terminal is useful too though, and for that I’ve started to use the Terminus plugin. Which both looks nice and is simple to use. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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