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Request: don't hide Commit button when unresolved conflicts


I recently did a pull --rebase --autostash with Sublime Merge. Some time later, with the recent pull now out of mind and following a Sublime Merge version update, I wanted to commit a minor change (to a source module unrelated to the earlier pull). The Commit button wasn’t visible. I presumed that it had been moved or perhaps you now had to use the menus to commit, but I couldn’t locate Commit anywhere.

It took me a while to realize that it had been deliberately hidden because I had unresolved merge conflicts. This was a surprise, wasted some time, and seems incompatible with the way that button behaves when no staged files are present when, rather than disappear, its label simply changes to ‘Nothing to commit’.

I think it would be helpful for the button to be visible and somehow indicate that ‘Commits aren’t possible until you resolve conflicts (or whatever actually needs to be done)’.

As an aside, I don’t like that you have to stage then unstage a source file after you fix merge conflicts. I’d prefer a more obvious way to mark a file as resolved, that doesn’t result in the file being staged. Perhaps this is just another non-intuitive core git feature.



Yes, that is how merge conflicts from a stash works in git. (very much non-intuitive, especially when conflicts arise)

That being said, I created these for you:

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Just a heads up @jdsublime, the missing commit button issue has been fixed in dev build 2058.