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Repo Based Tabs for Sublime Text


I downloaded a stardock windows modification utility that adds tabs to standard Win10 application windows. When doing so, I found myself wanting to divide my tabs in Sublime Text to match Sublime Merge. If you notice, with Sublime Merge, I can have tabs open to specific git repos. It would be nice if I could make Sublime Text do the same thing as seen in my screenshot. Unfortunately, instead, I only have the option to open a Folder in Sublime Text, which is usually my parent directory containing all repositories. When you have 20 repositories, and only need to use a few at a time, it gets a bit hard to navigate. With the change I made, I can work on a few at a time, and navigate very efficiently. Maybe Sublime Text could have a File > Open Repository, in which it opens a repository up in a horizontal tab, just like Sublime Merge. Then, doing so again will result in another tab being opened.