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Rename detection


I’m trying to understand how SM handles renames.

Jon said that renames will be detected unless a “large percentage” of the file changed.

I have a file that I renamed, and when I use git show in the command line, it says

diff --git a/a.txt b/b.txt
similarity index 62%
rename from a.txt
rename to b.txt

And SM does not detect this as a rename, but splits it into delete/add.

My understanding from is that the default threshold is 50%, but SM seems to use a larger threshold, and possibly other criteria.

In another example, SM failed to detect a rename with a similarity index of 85%, when two out of 8 lines were changed. Yet it did detect the rename with a lower similarity index of 82% when only one line was changed.

So how does rename detection work in SM? Is there a way to configure it?



I created a bug that may be pertinent to your use case:

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