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Remove the left margin of the line number?


Hi, I am looking for a simple new feature that can make the editor looks neat.

Currently, in the gutter, there are left and right margin of the line number. I know the right margin can be reduced with margin setting. However, the left margin cannot be reduced, which is annoying because it wastes some precious space.

With a little more investigation, I realize the left margin is reserved for bookmark function. However, I never use this function. Thus, would it be possible to remove the left margin? (e.g. by disabling the bookmark function, or by other approaches)

I think this function should not be hard but can permanently save space on the screen.



The left area is not only reserved for bookmarks but for gutter icons in general. Any plugin can add symbols/icons via API functions to indicate warnings, hints, … . This is what linters do for instance.

As such a generic place for an unknown number of plugins possibly making use of it at any time, it can’t be disabled.



Could we have an option to hide the space at least, which means plugins can add icons to the space, but the column is simply hidden. Since we have the setting to hide the whole gutter, do you think it would be possible to hide this left area as well?