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Remember Code Folding (fold state)


How can Sublime save FOLD STATE? For now, Sublime remembers Unfold All. My interest here inspired by not available package BufferScroll. My suggestion being that a built-in Sublime feature could be the better way forward.

Mouse and menu folding work well. But for very large documents where one tag tree’s indent level 20 is being developed beside a completely different tag tree’s indent level 4, and so on… well that takes a lot of time and hard work. What would be nice now is an editor that saves multiple fold states.

Is there a plan that some future version of Sublime 3.2.2 Build 3211 will innovate a way to save the FOLD STATE. My number one feature request is remember FOLD STATE.

This feature is innovative, in terms of resource management. Say we open a group of Sublime windows side by side. We notice that an edit in one window does not update the same document in another window. This is a useful feature also. But it may indicate that to save one fold state for a document, Sublime would also have to save other fold states for that same document. Perhaps with a time-and-date reference system. Saving fold state is not simple. Just very desirable.