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Relative line numbers are incorrect when using folds


Hey, I’m using Vintage mode with relative numbers in build 4113. Everything works well except when I fold sections. Then the behavior of Sublime Text differs from Vim and makes the relative numbers useless.

Let’s say I wanted to jump a few folded sections down which would be 9 lines on the screen. However, I can’t see the number 9 on the screen but it may be 143, for instance, depending on how long the folded functions are. Neither a relative jump “143j” or an absolute jump “143G” gets to that line. The correct behavior here would be for Sublime Text to ignore the number of lines inside the folded sections and show the line number 9 to which I could jump with “9j”. In other words, the line numbers should always be consecutive.

Thank you for considering this! I’m happy to see that the default Vintage mode has finally come to a point where it seems that I can stop using Vim and switch to Sublime completely.



Feature requests quickly get lost here, so I suggest opening an enhancement request over on so that the devs are aware of it.



Oh, thanks for the tip! I wasn’t aware of the Github repository at all. I shall create an issue there then.