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Registered Sublime have more features than unregistered?


Do registered versions of Sublime have more features than unregistered versions?

Been using Sublime for only a few hours. I received a prompt to purchase a license. I clicked on the prompt to see how much. Went back to my project and the Auto Complete stopped working. My boss or I will gladly pay the $70. We want to know if people with registered versions have features (such as the Auto Complete) that become disabled in the unregistered version. Thanks in advance.



All features are available in both registered/unregistered versions of ST, unregistered just receives the popup asking to pay for it.



So, it’s basically winrar version of text editor.

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This is not entirely accurate. At times, registered users do have more features. Registered users have access to dev releases which unregistered users don’t. Granted, dev releases can at times be unstable, but usually major issues are quickly resolved. I am usually always running a dev build, though I sometimes defer updates to see if issues are found in new versions.

Anyways, there is sometimes long lags between official betas which unregistered users have access to. So often registered users have access to cool new features long before unregistered.

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