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Regex when specifying Hide Branch


Hiding some branches so that the commit tree is cleaner is very useful. I am using this feature a lot but for repositories with multiple branches it would be nice to be able to hide groups of branches with the use of regex expressions because it is time consuming to both hide and then show (as needed) by hand



Can you instead create groups of branches and then just hide the groups (thereby, hiding all branches under that group)?

So for example, if you name a branch “feature/My_cool_feature” and another branch as “feature/My_second_cool_feature” then you can hide everything under “feature” collectively by clicking the eye icon next to the feature group.



This might be a solution. But most of the times I work on other people’s repositories that don’t follow this convention. And sometimes I may want feature/cool_feature1 but may not want feature/cool_feature[2-99].



In that case, when you ALT-click the eye icon next to feature/cool_feature1 it will hide all other branches.

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