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Real time cpp lint plugin recommendation?


I installed sublimelinter with cpplint and cppcheck, but none of them are able to lint while typing. In other sense, they only work when the file is saved. Howver, flake8 for python can lint my file while typing without saving. Is there any cpp linter which can do real-time linting within sublime text? thanks.



in SublimeLinter’s settings you can set linting “listener”:

// Lint Modes determine when the linter is run
// background: asynchronously on every change
// load_save: when a file is opened and every time it's saved
// manual: only when calling the Lint This View command
// save: only when a file is saved
"lint_mode": "background",


thanks. I tried this, but cpplint and cppcheck are still not able to do real time linting.



Some linter tools just don’t support a way of checking or building a project with a temporary file in place of another. This could be worked around by copying the entire project into a temporary folder but is generally not a good idea (for large projects).



@FichteFoll is spot on. You can use the clang linter, it can lint without having to save and it’s very fast. But you need the whole LLVM installed.